Staford & Finn

A man and his dog.

Finn found Staford at work. He was delivering at a gas station when Finn came looking for food. Staford saw him there for several weeks and would feed him a sandwich from time to time. Knowing that Finn had been abandoned and neglected, Staford couldn’t help but think of him on a cold and icy night. When treats were offered, Finn jumped in the backseat and was happy all the way home.

Finn is a four year old Blue Heeler mix. He’s fluffy and perfect for hugging and sometimes looks like a baby bear cub. He’ll kiss you until you have to push him off of you. His favorite thing in the whole world is food. He’ll do anything for food. He will also forget anything you every taught him just to get to some food. He has the personality of a mischievous toddler boy- good and naughty, all forgiven because of the cuteness.

Finn’s favorite person is Staford. He loves to play ball with him, walk with him, and go to sleep with him. If Staford is out of sight, Finn doesn’t like it. Finn loves to talk to us and is very vocal. He tells Staford when he wants something, when he’s tired, or when he’s not happy. Finn is the perfect example of a wild, messy, and true dog through and through.


  • Kisses
  • Human food
  • Breakfast
  • Treats
  • Ball
  • Dad
  • Nap time
  • Baby toy
  • Walks
  • Scratches
Finn- AKA: Buby, Mr. Mr., Finny Boy


  • His leash
  • Nail trims
  • 4th of July
  • Laying on the floor
  • The word No
  • Separation from Meeko
  • Listening
  • Bath time

Everything I write about Staford is 100% biased because I think the world of him. But everything I write about him is 100% true and based on the character he shows everyday. He values being authentic and works on himself to be the best version he can be. He is a reliable and wonderful husband, partner, and friend.

Staford is 28 with a spirit of gold. He strives to love those around him and befriend them. He works on loving himself through prayer and meditation. He is constantly learning new things because he wants to. He pushes himself to reach goals and accomplish big things in life. He has taught me to be more generous and considerate. He is always thinking abstractly and looking at things in a new light.

Staford loves to have conversations and is a great listener. He’s always making people laugh, too. His creativity is boundless and he works really hard to be skillful at what he does. He likes ice cream and journaling and playing video games with his friends. He’s really good at analyzing movies and finding funny memes. He has goals of opening a shop soon for his personal designs. He’s a great person to know.


  • Video games
  • Sketching
  • Podcasts
  • Spiderman
  • Driving
  • Candy
  • Alone time
  • Taking pictures
  • His wife
Staford- AKA: Yittle, Staf Dragon, Stasher


  • Oatmeal
  • Wet sock
  • Being hungry
  • Math
  • Spiders
  • Inauthenticity
  • Traffic
  • Running errands

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