Christmas in Missouri

Tis’ The Season

After months of traveling and exploring, we finally came home to our families in the midwest state we call home- Missouri. Staford and I both grew up in small towns where everyone knows you, people take things a little slower, and the comfort of home never fades.

Baby V

Theres something about the holidays that brings families and friends together. You can call it the Magic of Christmas or The Holly Spirit. But no matter what you believe or celebrate, the magic is there for everyone to feel. That feeling makes you want to hug and laugh, serve others in need, and give to those you love. No matter your love language, everyone can appreciate a thoughtful heartfelt gift from someone they care about. You can allow yourself to feel lighter and happier. You can forgive those that you haven’t forgiven and build relationships that need work. It’s the season for all of these magical things and new beginnings.

Me & Parfait

This time of year can also bring people discomfort. Money, loss, depression, and family stress can make one feel more alone than ever. It hurts my heart and I feel others pain. I can reflect on Christmases in the past where I felt no magic or love. I felt as if all the world was closing in around me, especially on Christmas. I think it’s important to mention that this is okay. It’s okay to feel all of these things around the holidays, because these feelings are valid and real. Nothing is every perfect and the holidays don’t automatically fix your problems like in the movies. Embrace what you are feeling and share it with the ones you love. They can be there for you, even if they don’t understand.

Mom’s House
The River
“Cheez it Christ”

I believe one of the most important aspects to remember about Christmas is that not everyone is as fortunate as you. Not every child gets a gift, not every family gets a warm meal, and not every person is feeling joyful and merry. These people- especially the children, are the ones that are most important around the holidays. We as a whole need to make it our priority to give and serve to these people in need. It is our responsibility. Theres nothing that will fill your heart more than providing something to those that actually need it. To feel grateful is to recognize what you have, appreciate it, and then take the extra step to grow a servants heart and sacrifice your time or finances to help out. No matter how little you have, there is always a child out there that has less.

Christmas Puppies

The holidays are a time of birth and re-birth. A beautiful season to grow and reflect. I have hope that all of my readers are healthy and happy and ready to take on the new year with many changes. I welcome all of your holiday experiences and thoughts to my Contact Page. Wishing you all love and light. Thank you for reading this Christmas story from Into Nature.

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