A Photo Series

Taken on my family’s property in Missouri where I grew up.

from many years ago

The Old Barn
where we played as kids

in the moment

surrounds me like snow

The Shack
where we spent our Saturday nights

at grandmas house

Grandmas House
rich in history and memmories

The Bamboo Forest
perfect for exploring

making things magical

A Perspective
of detailed fine lines

Lilly Pads
and leaves

The Pond
frozen for winter

The River
always rising and falling

The Road
that leads to home

The Well
an old watering hole where treasure is said to be buried

A Snow Day
just like when we were young

A Day Spent Sledding
is a day well spent

Dog Days
finding the good in each day

No matter what you’re going through, you are not the season you’re in. January has already left us and there’s so much more good to come. I hope you enjoyed this photo series from Into Nature.

Published by Into Nature

Traveling the world with my husband and two dogs. Our purpose is to get into nature and explore, create, and relate.

One thought on “January

  1. That looks like someplace I would really enjoy visiting…maybe someday we can have a hot dog dinner and sit by the fire after you show me around!  You take such good pictures guys….I am jealous. Chuck. Shalom….may the Lord grant you peace and happiness in your life as well as all your endeavors and the people you encounter on your journey bring joy to your heart!


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