Arkansas Again

After Staford had worked 50 hours and we worked so hard to get settled into our home again, it was time for a weekend road trip. We needed a getaway. Arkansas is a perfect place to visit for a quick trip into nature. It’s neon green forests and clear blue waters transcend you into a place of peace and quiet where you can really appreciate the beauty around you and forget about your troubles and responsibilities at home.

Dogwood tress dotted our drive with white flowers against the green backdrop. Lost Bridge Campground was packed with people in the North camping area that sat right on the lake. We chose to camp in the South area in the midst of the trees. We were completely alone at spot 48. And we could still see the beautiful waters through the trees. We’ve been so lucky to have all the privacy and space in the world when we camp.

At our beautiful campsite we saw Turkey Vulture, also know as the garbage collectors of the wild, flying all day long. We saw Gray Squirrels eating and scattering around. The birds in the trees never stopped singing their songs. Our dogs, Finn and Meeko, curled up outside and soaked up the sun for hours. Staford and I read, played games, and watched Modern Family. Eventually we fell asleep for a long nap with our van doors wide open. The breeze kept us comfortable and the song of the birds put us to sleep. It was the most relaxed I’ve felt in a long time.

We went for a hike on the Lost Bridge Trail. During the Great Depression, a bridge was built over the lake. In 1943 a flood toppled the bridge and was completely engulfed by Beaver Lake in 1964. There were many things to see on the trail like white-tailed dear, snakes, and a homestead built in 1916. On our walk we mostly saw purple Spiderwort flowers and yellow Tickseed Coreopsis. Spiderwort flowers only bloom in April and May and live one short day before wilting back to the ground. Early pioneers used Tickseed Coreopsis to replace coffee beens and are often used today by beekeepers for its nectar.

We ended our trip with full bellies and drinks next to a roaring campfire. Just a few days in the van and I remembered why I love traveling so much. Being in nature made me feel so refreshed, grateful, and steady minded. Without distractions I was able to think about important things without feeling stressed or rushed. If you’re a part-time traveler and you have a favorite weekend spot, let me know! I hope you enjoyed this blog and thanks for reading Into Nature!

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