About Us

Staford & Megan Young

Traveling with Purpose

For us, living with purpose meant abandoning all we had strived for in modern society to unapologetically chase our dreams, travel the world, and just have fun. My name is Megan Young and I travel part-time in a van with my husband Staford and two dogs, Finn and Meeko.

Originally from a small town in Missouri, Staford and I met many years ago in high school. We had no idea that almost 7 years later our paths would cross again. We are lucky enough to have the same passions and interests of nature, art, writing, traveling, and connecting to others.

After obtaining my Bachelors Degree in Psychology and my Masters Degree in School Counseling, and the both of us working regular day jobs, I craved adventure and exploration. Living in Colorado at the time, our eyes were opened to the nature around us and we wondered what else we could see and experience together.

That’s what brings us here. When your accomplishments leave you wanting, when you have achieved all that you were supposed to, when the spirit inside of you calls out to wander, you have the opportunity to take a risk and chase your dreams. It is possible to live the radical, purposeful life you’ve always wanted to. And that’s what we hope to inspire you to do. Follow our journey through writing and photos here at Into Nature.

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