Arizona Pt. 3

Tucson As we drove south the saguaros grew taller and the mountains dustier. The road to Tucson was hot and gave us the feeling we were in a Western movie. We listened to Johnny Cash and watched thousands of starlings in murmuration. At sunset we found a quiet spot surrounded by mountain ranges on everyContinue reading “Arizona Pt. 3”

Arizona Pt. 2

Mesa & Thanksgiving. Our first evening in Mesa was a treat. Our friends made us cocktails, fresh pesto from basil in their garden, homemade bread, and let us take real showers. We were pampered and well taken care of. I felt spoiled every morning waking up to coffee on the porch and good conversation withContinue reading “Arizona Pt. 2”

Arizona Pt. 1

Sedona The long two-way road that cuts through the desert is where I belong. The wide open spaces, the tall mesas, and the saguaros and red sand- my happy place. We drove into an Arizona sunset while a real life Bald Eagle flew next to our van for a moment before landing on its perch.Continue reading “Arizona Pt. 1”

Staford & Finn

Finn found Staford at work. He was delivering at a gas station when Finn came looking for food. Staford saw him there for several weeks and would feed him a sandwich from time to time. Knowing that Finn had been abandoned and neglected, Staford couldn’t help but think of him on a cold and icyContinue reading “Staford & Finn”

Colorado Pt. 2

Pagosa Springs & Durango Old memories and new ones. U.S Highway 160 Colorado Mount Antero 14,269 ft. 15 min. outside Pagosa Springs Staford’s ancestors lived in Durango Cold weather sleeping bag= actual sleep Our spot in Durango Highway 160 was the best route from Pine to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We went through tiny mountain townsContinue reading “Colorado Pt. 2”

Colorado Pt. 1

Littleton & Pine Tuesday Morning We drove through the silvery fields of Kansas under a full red sun in 40 mph winds. The sky shown pastel blues and pinks while hints of wildflower could be seen through the tall grass. We drove slow and avoided highways. We had finally fixed our battery breaker and putContinue reading “Colorado Pt. 1”

Taking the Leap

My entire life I’ve kept a private journal about my perspective of the events around me. I hope that by journaling out loud people can relate to my experiences and be inspired to create their own events in life. Throughout this blog I want to portray the reality of full-time travel and living in aContinue reading “Taking the Leap”