Arizona Pt. 3

Tucson As we drove south the saguaros grew taller and the mountains dustier. The road to Tucson was hot and gave us the feeling we were in a Western movie. We listened to Johnny Cash and watched thousands of starlings in murmuration. At sunset we found a quiet spot surrounded by mountain ranges on everyContinue reading “Arizona Pt. 3”

Arizona Pt. 2

Mesa & Thanksgiving. Our first evening in Mesa was a treat. Our friends made us cocktails, fresh pesto from basil in their garden, homemade bread, and let us take real showers. We were pampered and well taken care of. I felt spoiled every morning waking up to coffee on the porch and good conversation withContinue reading “Arizona Pt. 2”

Arizona Pt. 1

Sedona The long two-way road that cuts through the desert is where I belong. The wide open spaces, the tall mesas, and the saguaros and red sand- my happy place. We drove into an Arizona sunset while a real life Bald Eagle flew next to our van for a moment before landing on its perch.Continue reading “Arizona Pt. 1”