A Photo Series Taken on my family’s property in Missouri where I grew up. Lanternsfrom many years ago The Old Barnwhere we played as kids Caughtin the moment Lovesurrounds me like snow The Shackwhere we spent our Saturday nights Crystalsat grandmas house Grandmas Houserich in history and memmories The Bamboo Forestperfect for exploring Snowmaking thingsContinue reading “January”

A Change In Direction

We were halfway to California when… Last Sunday I didn’t post a blog because I wanted to find the right words to say on this topic. It’s good to have goals and make plans in life. It gives us something to look forward to and work toward. Without them, a lot of us would wanderContinue reading “A Change In Direction”

Christmas in Missouri

Theres something about the holidays that brings families and friends together. You can call it the Magic of Christmas or The Holly Spirit. But no matter what you believe or celebrate, the magic is there for everyone to feel. That feeling makes you want to hug and laugh, serve others in need, and give toContinue reading “Christmas in Missouri”