And A Happy New Year

A Year In A Blog Post.

The other day I went to the store to buy a new planner for 2022. The cashier smiled at me as I handed him what I picked out. “Hopefully 2022 will be a better year for all of us!” he said. I smiled back. “Yes.” I said.

Many people were hit with so much turmoil and hard times. And it is horrible. And it is real. Walking out of the store, I started thinking about my 2021. I looked at pictures on my phone to visualize the year. Then I found this stunning picture from Saint Elmo’s ghost town Colorado in April. And I realized that my year was truly stunning and beautiful, just like this picture.

In 2021, Staford and I gave everything away and left our home and jobs in Colorado to come back to Missouri and build our van. We went on our first trip together in our new home. We celebrated three years of marriage. I finished school. Staford cut his hair. Tons of friends and family came to visit us. Adventures were taken and miles were driven. People were born and people died. And everything happened the way it was supposed to, just like every year before this one. God- The Universe- has a will and a way for all the years to come, too. Did you live out your dreams this year? Did you let your life be changed?

Our Favorite Things Of 2021

  • Snack- S’mores by a campfire
  • Movie- Harry Potter series (watched 3x)
  • Book- Monster series by Naoki Urasawa
  • Activity- Hiking or playing video games
  • Album- Shore by Fleet Foxes
  • Video Game- Animal Crossing
  • Place- Durango, CO
  • Purchase- Our van Hedwig
  • Podcast- The Hopecast by Jane Goodall
  • Reminder- There’s not point in worrying
  • Camping season- Fall
  • Restaurant- Littleton Cafe
  • Creative outlet- Taking pictures
  • Blog post- Arizona series
  • Moment- Driving through the desert

Our Resolutions


  • Finish writing a children’s book
  • Eat an arthritis friendly diet
  • Get into bird watching


  • Learn and practice Japanese
  • Communicate with friends more
  • Incorporate working out

The Road Ahead.

This year Staford and I will be traveling all over the West and East coast. We will stop in places like California, Washington, Alabama, and North Carolina. This is the longest stretch of time we will have ever been on the road without coming home. I hope you come along with us to learn and grow. If you let this year pass you, it’s okay. You are lucky to have another year full of light and opportunity ahead of you. You deserve to live your dreams and accomplish your goals. There’s so much more ahead of you than there is behind you. Look at each sunset knowing you did your best that day. You can help us share our journey through WordPress or Facebook! Our goal is to have 100 blog followers by April! We currently have 54. Thanks again for reading Into Nature.

Published by Into Nature

Traveling the world with my husband and two dogs. Our purpose is to get into nature and explore, create, and relate.

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